Monday, September 14, 2015

Everything is better...


How goes it? That's great! Me too!

View from my apartment

Funny Highlights: The other night we were eating dinner at this members house and after we asked her for directions. So she's like okay follow me. So this little old lady takes off running to her bicycle. She hops on her little mama chatty and takes off. And I mean she was flying! Then before I know it were at the mission home and she's running inside to say hi to the elders she doesn't know. Seriously the greatest thing of my life! So funny. Don't have a lot of funny highlights this week but life here is great!  This week my companion's bike broke down three times and I wore my rain pants. Fun times. I've decided everything is better when you're a missionary. 

Here is a list of all the things that are better.

1) Your prayers: Heavenly Father is so willing to give you everything you ask for as long as you are willing to work. Some of the tiniest things I pray for happen. I see so many miracles everyday. It's amazing the power of prayer.

2) The food (if I'm 100lbs heavier this is why). In Japan they have these little Oreo chocolate covered twix cookie thing that are 31 yen of Jezebel's lust. A got a box with about 20 of them for my birthday. They are called Black Thunders but I call them Thunder Thighs because that's all you get from them. It's great. Also the best Ramen in Japan is in my mission… we eat that a lot. Also rice cheeks is real!
hangin' onto my teen years...Now I'm an adult 

3) Your scripture study. I learn so much every day! I never want to stop studying the gospel. I feel like I won't learn anything new but them I'm always amazed by how much I learn. It's the best!

4) The people. Everyone here is so nice! When they say no they say it so politely. Also everyone is so willing to do anything for the missionaries. The members in the ward are so great. They watch out for us every day.

5) Birthdays. Seriously the best birthday of my life. There was surprise after surprise after surprise all day. It was so great. Everyone around me made sure that I had a good day.
Yay!  Birthday cake!

Being a missionary is so great. Sorry mom I'm never coming home! My companion and I were talking the other day and we started talking about why we went on missions. We both wanted to come out here and repay Heavenly Father for everything he has done for us. But you soon realize that you can never repay him for what he has done. I came here to serve those around me but they do more for me then I could ever do for them. Every time I teach someone I leave feeling so great. I have been blessed so much by being here. In my two short weeks of being here I have been taught more than I have taught. Even though we don't have any investigators I see so many miracles every day. All of these moments help me through the hard times. My journal looks like a roller coaster. One day is great and awesome and then the next day is slow and I feel down and then it's great again. But I started something new. Every night I write a miracle I've seen that day. Now I see miracles all the time! Miracles are real. They do happen. I love being a missionary. I've said that 199 times already but in case you forgot I love it.

Sorry my email was all over the place this week. But I love you all!

Jesus loves you!

(I love you very much)

Sister Zollinger

P.S.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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