Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hello Friends!


It's P-Day again!? Where has all of my time gone?? This is going by too fast.

Got some Ramen!  Yay food!
Anyways fun highlights: My first English class a girl walked in wearing a sweater and her and another lady started talking about how cold it is. So I looked over and said "smart for wearing a sweater, I wish I had a sweater". Like I wish I had a sweater in the moment. Then this last week at class the lady (not wearing a sweater) brought me a bag a sweaters.. She said, "for you cold, here some sweaters. I have them for 3 years but they still nice." I love their English here it's so great. Anyways now I have all these random sweaters! They're actually super cute! But lesson learned be careful what you say around Japanese People. 

Then it was pouring rain the other day and we're riding to pick up an investigator from the Elders and we are turning into to her buildings parking lot and then what to you know I wreck on my bicycle oh so gracefully. Yay, first bike wreck! I'm so proud. Then on Sunday a Sister just came home from her mission in Colorado! In church she had a comment and she's just going off in Japanese and then she stops says "um" and then keeps going. Oh my goodness it was so weird sounding! Japanese People do not say um, ever. My companion and I just looked at each other, like what just happened. She's super cute and she come up to us all excited and started speaking English. When she gave her homecoming talk she bore her testimony in English at the end. It was a super cool experience because in America you hear all these different languages in homecoming talks so hearing English and everyone in the ward get all excited was cool!

When the going gets tough  wear rain pants!

This week has been crazy. I'm not going to lie this has probably been the hardest week of my life. We went from door to door talking to person after person all week with no success. It was hard super hard. I came home every night like why am I doing this to myself. No one wants to listen to me. Then yesterday I prayed harder than I ever have in my whole life. And we went out again. House after house after house. But this time is was different. People still weren't talking to us but I had all this energy. It hurts when someone says no but I just kept going and I didn't get discouraged.  Everyone prayer is real. It doesn't matter who you are, what you're doing. What you need, nothing.  Heavenly Father is listening and when times are super hard he will comfort you. 

Sushi!  The real stuff.  American sushi doesn't even come close. 
Don't worry there's a happy ending to this story. We got a new investigator! Her name is Takagi San! She's so cute and she loves Americans. She was so excited we came to talk to her and called us like 10 times after we left to make sure we were okay. Before we left we asked her if we could pray together. She had never prayed before so we taught her how. Seriously the coolest experience ever! Even though this week was so hard I saw so many miracles. The hard times make the good moments greater. Life isn't always going to be perfect but it's okay because Heavenly Father is always there and every thing we are feeling has been felt before by someone that loves us more than we can imagine.
I burritoed myself inside of my futon. 

I'm gonna leave you with one last thing. Because of how many people have been saying no to us I decided I needed a little line to say back to them. So my little thing is "God loves you!" We role played that 100 times yesterday so you best be bettin' that's what I'm going to be saying tonight! So remember "God loves you!"  

(I love you)

Sister Zollinger

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