Monday, November 16, 2015

Smells Delicious!

(Hello Everybody)
Splits! She knows zero English. But it was so fun!
Hello! Who's excited for thanksgiving next week? Did you all buy your stretchy pants yet? (Or skirt if your a Sister Missionary) たのしみ (fun)!

My ponderizing scripture this week is Matt 10:14
14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.

I love this scripture so much. I feel like you can relate it to any part of your life. When things don't go the way you wanted or how you expected your first instinct is to be upset to feel down and beat yourself up. I love the image of shaking the dust off your feet. To just let it be and know that it's not time for that or there's something better in store. As a missionary people tell me no a lot. Sometimes they do it nicely and sometimes it's not, but you just have to keep going. Because of his scripture every time someone says no to me or and investigator says they aren't interested anymore I picture dust falling off of me. It's so freeing to see all that stress and worry just go away. Thanks to the Savior and his atonement we don't need to worry about all of those feelings because He experienced them for us. Let the atonement work in your life. Let it shake the dust off your feet. 

Funny Highlights: the other night the Japanese Sisters made some cookies. When we were crawling into our futons for bed I said super loud, "it smells delicious!". Sister West Mountian (Sister Nishiyama) looked at me and said in English, "WOW! That sentence is wonderful! I want to use it!" Then the next day they went to dinner at a members house and she came back super proud and told me she used that sentence and no one understood it but she was happy. It was so funny! Her English is my favorite! 

In Japan they have this ice cream type truck but instead of selling ice cream they sell sweet potatoes. So this truck drives around playing music all day selling these potatoes. Sister Kempner has always wanted one but never got it. So the other day we were leaving the apartment and we hear the truck. Sister Kempner freaked out and got so excited, we came flying out of our apartment towards the truck. The driver didn't know how to handle these two crazy foreigner running towards him. It was the best sweet potato I've ever had! 

Then the other night we were finding and I rang this door bell. Then over the airphone that person said "hello" I did not know what to do so I just responded "hi" and then paused and after a second in Japanese said do you understand English, then the voice comes back and said, "I don't speak Japanese" I did not know what to do. My brain instantly flipped into English class mode and very simply and like I was speaking to a small child said "we are missionaries...." It was the craziest thing. Sister Kempner was laughing so hard. It's always rough when I meet someone that speaks English. 

This week has been so amazing! I have seen SO many miracles! We found 3 new investigators! One is a monk. He's super nice though and we got to talk a lot about families. Then I was on splits the other day and we met this lady. She's so cute and nice! She invited us into her house (never happens) and told us that she really wants religion and she's learned about a lot of different churches and now just wants to know what is true! I'm super excited to go back and talk to her. 
A picture I made for an elders case. I'm like the district fixer upper person. So far I've fixed two sweaters, a pair of dress pants, gotten bike grease out of a dress, red marker out of a white shirt, and made this. Thanks mom and grandma for teaching me how to sew!

Before this week I was having a hard time and it was just one upsetting thing after another but from seeing so many miracles last week and reading that scripture I've found a new sense of hope. I know I can do this. I know we can do this. Heavenly Father will not give us anything we can't do. He knew I could learn Japanese and I'm doing it. He knew I could come to Japan and here I am. He knows we can. 

I love you all! I hope you have a good week! Keep looking for miracles! Keep being thankful in this month of thanks!

(Zoringa Sister)
A shout out to the Silver City RS for sending the best package! Cried when I saw the green chili!

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