Monday, September 19, 2016

Desserts, Death and Dendo

birthday dessert number two (thanks Ebisawa Shimai)
Thank you so much everyone for all the birthday wishes and packages and desserts and things. I seriously love you all a lot!

This has been such a crazy week. First we had transfers! I will be staying with Hackett Shimai!! This is the first time since my training. Hackett Shimai gets to be my 10th companion on my 10th transfer :)  Buuuut Kotoni Area went from 4 sisters to 2 and I became a Sister Training Leader. So that means we have two times the area, two times the people to focus on, and half the time. I'm so excited! Seriously it's been so fun! This last week we ran everywhere talking to everyone! Having appointments and people to see is the coolest part of dendo! And to make it cooler we still had time to find! Miracles everywhere!

This week Free Shimai died (term to mean that her mission is complete and she is going home), her mission came to a graceful close. Seriously love her so much. Living in the same apartment for two transfers was so fun. I learned so much! We ate maybe 3 deserts everyday to celebrate :) then her angel family showed up at our apartment with bags and bags of groceries. Best present you can get as a missionary. It probably didn't seem like much to them but it meant the world to us.
Lastly Keiko San gets baptized this week. I want to go down to Hakodate so bad to see her but I got permission from Nakatsuka Kaicho to call her! She's such an angel. I'm excited for her to have the blessings of the spirit. I know it's going to change her life!


Oh ponderizing this week!
Pslms 119:111 "Thy testimonies have I taken as an heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart".


I really love this a lot. This week I've been thinking a lot about papa and when he passed away. His testimony is a heritage I have taken. And that is where my joy is. Our testimonies come from the spirit through the words of people around us. Prophets, grandparents, friends, teachers, everyone. That is our heritage. That is what our heart rejoices in.

I love you all so much! Have a good week!
Sister Zollinger


Oh funny story, last transfer we all wanted to be a little more fit so we did 50-75 push-ups everyday. Then one day we were walking and saw a park with a bar perfect for pull-ups. I've never been able to do one in my life so I decided to try. 75 push-ups right, I got this!  Epic fail,... Couldn't even do one. This transfer is burpies...I'll try again in a few weeks ;)

number three same day we love ice cream!

Baskin Robins for Wednesday dessert number two

Lunch with the Free

And of course we made green chili enchiladas for my birthday!

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