Tuesday, September 13, 2016

21 Where'd you come from???

Thanks for the dress parents!
Happy Birthday to Me! 

My age is my birthday backwards..  I am officially as legal as I can be in America and Japan.   Next stop -  Senior Citizen Reduced Prices!


Since it's such a jolly day here's my scripture!
Proverbs 17:22 "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..."


Isn't that cute? Life is supposed to be fun! You're supposed to be able to laugh and play. To feel joy. Also the best cure for anything is a good laugh! Unless you just got your appendix removed then use caution. But really Gods plan is a happy one. That's all he wants for us is happiness.
This weeks has been crazy.

Spiritual stuff first:
Last week we stopped this lady on the street and talked to her about church and Christ and invited her to church gave her a Book of Mormon but could not make a return appointment. But we got her number so it was good. Called her on Wednesday and she said I wanted to come to church but I couldn't figure out where it was. So we made an appointment to meet her and walk to church together! Saturday we were at a sports day for Ozawa San's son and she came running up to us yelling "Zolly San!" And told us how excited she was for Sunday. She came yesterday and she was sitting talking to a member saying how she wanted to see us again. How she felt so much love and happiness and wanted to feel that again. She also read some of the Boo of Mormon it was amazing!


Yesterday the Elder's investigator got Baptized. They asked me to sing at the service. It was so amazing. I sang I know that My Redeemer Lives. Every time I looked out I saw so many people singing along and so many crying and so much happiness but Uchida San was beaming. He was glowing so bright. It was all for him. After his baptism he looked so good. So happy. Goodness the church is true! (PS mom I want to take voice lessons again. I'm sorry I quit them..)

Then in other news on Saturday we were riding our bikes home in the pouring rain and I almost got hit by a car it was so scary. We just kept riding and then not even 100ft later Hackett Shimai went down. Got hit pretty bad by a car... She laughed so I think that means she was okay. We went to the hospital later that night. It was some pretty scary stuff but she's got no broken bones and is up and walking. We'll be on the bikes again tomorrow! I feel so bad for her beanhood. In the first transfer of her mission she got lost for 4O minutes and then hit by a car. I am the best trainer there is. Good thing my bean is a stud!

Last night for Free Shimais last Sunday we made s'mores.  We put chocolate in a pan with marshmallows on top baked it turned the lights on low and all said why we went out on a mission and while we are still here. It was so special. Then today we put in the birthday party hats and had a picnic in the prettiest field. It's been a good birthday! Hackett Shimai make me an omelet and the Elders know I don't like snacks so they got me vegetables for a present. :) they're the best! Birthdays in the mission are the best! Thanks for all the emails.  It's P-Day and my birthday so I'm going to go play and eat green chili enchiladas!  Catch ya in the flip side!

I love you all!
You're the best!
Sister Zollinger

My breakfast this morning!  Sooo yummy!!


Party Hats!!

Gift from the Elders

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