Sunday, January 22, 2017


This post is from Emily's family.  We are so grateful to the ward family, to our extended family and most especially to the Japanese family who has loved and supported our daughter.  THANK YOU!!  Here are a few photos you might enjoy.


Richard and Gretchen, 
Mark and Laci Zollinger - Carylon, Madison, Traydon, and Brenton
Jessica and James Gardiner
Nathaniel and McKenzie Zollinger
and Caitlin 

Nathaniel and Emily

Sisters!!!  Jessica, Caitlin and Emily


Nothing like a hug from Dad!!  Noodle Sr.

Hugging Mark (McKenzie recording it all)

The Parents!!  Richard and Gretchen

Auntie Emily with Carylon and Madison

Meeting her nephew - Brenton was born last year.

Meeting the new sister in law - McKenzie!!

McKenzie, Nathaniel and Emily

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