Thursday, August 20, 2015



How is everyone doing?? Cool me too! So this week have been nuts! I get my flight plans tomorrow! I'm literally losing my mind! However everyday I learn something new, everyday is a spirit bomb to the face and a reminder why I'm still in the MTC. Heavenly Father is so much smarter than me!

Funny Highlights: (I hope you like my funny highlights, sorry if they're lame everything is funnier in the MTC) So first off one of my Teachers is Japanese. The other day we asked him if he had to learn the American alphabet and if it was hard. He said he had to learn it in Kindergarten but they taught him a song to help him remember so he started singing the ABC's. Our other teacher looked over at him like why are you singing that and he looked at her and said, "you know that song too!?!" She just said, "yeah.." and everyone started laughing. It was so great! 
Yesterday we got Japanese Sisters in our branch! I was talking to them and one of the other girl in my district was wearing a shirt with the Facebook cat stamps. So the Japanese Sisters got so excited and asked where it was from and I said, "it's right next to the emojis isn't it". They were like "American's have emojis!?!" It was so cute! They kept calling me "steki" which means handsome, cute, fashionable stuff like that. 
One of my companions mom made all her skirts and I joked with her to have her make me one. Then last week she got a package and I was messing around saying it was my skirt and it actually was! So awesome!
They also said my Japanese was great, but in Japan that means your Japanese is terrible...So I have a lot of work to do.. Also my eye just randomly started twitching a few weeks ago. I have no idea why but the other day we were eating dinner and one of my companions saw it twitch and started freaking out. I would say it's annoying but it's super funny when people see it twitch. I was walking in the cafeteria the other day and this lady yelled at me and said "Hey I really like your hair, I would trade my left pinky for that hair." So I looked back at her and with a straight face said "Okay, I wouldn't mind having two pinkys" and then I walked away. I LOVE THE MTC!!

If you haven't guessed already from the subject of my email the Nashville Tribute Band came and did a devotional on Sunday.(Mom remember that CD you bought me for Christmas, the one with my favorite songs? It was them!) Yeah that's right first time something like that has ever been done in the MTC and I was here. See I knew I didn't need to leave last week :) It was the coolest thing ever. The spirit in the room was so powerful! My companions and I like to sing in the MTC choir. Because it's a music group we got to sing a few of their songs with them. It was so powerful. I want to share a few lines from some of their songs. Look them up they're so cool! 
Before they started the song they said to all the missionaries, "you are part of a millennial army that has been fighting before Christ was born." Then at the beginning of the song they had the missionaries that were from other countries come down and tell where they were born in the native tongue. It was crazy how many different countries were represented. The part that the missionaries sang was the coolest. We sang, "We are here to serve our King. Children of the most High. It's his good news that we bring. As we labor gladly bringing souls to Christ." The song is called, I Was Born. I love it so much. That song hit me so hard though. Gospel means Good News. Here I am laboring, gladly, bringing souls to Christ. There is no better work on this earth that could be done. At the end the lead singer said, "One day every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is the Christ, are you excited?" The knowledge I have that Christ is my Savior is something I hold so dear. I am excited for that day! When all of my Brothers and Sisters will know who their Savior is. That he is the reason we can return to live with our Father in Heaven again. Can't you just imagine how amazing that day will be? What makes it even better is that in Japan there are people that have never heard of God and Jesus Christ. I will get to be the one that introduces them to their Beloved Big Brother. I get to teach them how to pray to their Heavenly Father. I get to share this Good News. Pretty cool stuff. 
You know you've been in the MTC for 8 weeks when you start to do your hair in the "King and I" buns... Just prepping myself for sumo wrestlers!

I only have one week left in the MTC so if anyone wants to send me a letter or package or anything before I leave the country I wouldn't be upset.. ;) 



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