Sunday, August 9, 2015

Apostle say what!?

こんにちわみな損 <-- Look what I learned how to do!!! :)

How is everyone? This week has been so crazy but awesome! So the other day I had a realization. I'm going to the "coolest" mission in Japan. Literally it's the coldest. So now no Japanese missionaries can argue with me about the better mission because it's fact, mine is the "coolest"!

Typical map picture - 3 more weeks!
Funny Highlights: There were so many funny moments this week it was hard to choose the best ones. So I hope you like the ones I picked. The other day one of the elders in my district had this orange. He tossed it to one of the other elders who missed it and it hit one of my companions right in the face and exploded juice all over her. Later that same day we were in the computer lab and that same companion looked over at us and said "Sisters I have a problem" I looked at her and discovered she had some how managed to get her finger stuck in a disinfectant wipe container.. It was a rough day for her. Then later that night we were putting bars on the sides of my bed so I don't fall off (I sleep on the top bunk in the middle of the room) and my mattress starts to fall on the floor. We ran to catch in but we were too late the the impact of the fall launched my belonging all over the floor. It was a very interesting day. A few days ago we were translating questions in class. My teacher asked me to translate 'Pray in order to know whether or not Thomas S. Monson is a prophet'. In Japanese the word for 'truth' and the word for 'death' are very similar. Lets just say I mix words up a lot... 

You're never going to guess who came to speak at the MTC! On Sunday Sherri Dew came to speak. Yeah that's right Mom be jealous. She was so cool! She told us all these awesome stories. I would tell you them but time is short. What I really what to talk about is the Tuesday Devotional. Guess who came? Did you guess, yeah it was an apostle. It just so happened to be Russell M. Nelson. It was his first address as President of the Quorum of the Twelve. You know how every talk Ucdorf gives he throws something in about planes. So we were sitting there and Elder Nelson was talking about having the Gospel of Jesus Christ engraved in your hearts and all of sudden he says, "I've got my initials on a lot of hearts". (says the retired heart surgeon) It was so funny. My favorite thing he talked about though was that people in the world think that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a Utah based church. But it's not. It is a heaven based church. If it was a Utah based church Heavenly Messengers would not have visited Joseph Smith in New York. It was so great. Such a powerful night. I know that we have prophets and apostles that lead and guide us today. The truthfulness of that was evident when Elder Nelson stepped into that room. Not a word was said by man. But the power of the Holy Ghost flowed through each of us. I know they are called of God for each and every one of us. I was called by a prophet of God. There is no mistake in that, it wasn't just some random thing that happened. But an even approached by prayer. I love the knowledge I have of that. It lifts me farther than I have ever gone before. The prophets and apostles love us so much. Right before he left he blew us all a kiss and said if he could he would shake each and ever one of our hands. Then as he was leaving he stopped and walked back inside as this little old lady comes from the crowd. He shook her hand and then left. I don't know who she was but I know Elder Nelson was inspired for whatever reason to go back to her and the spirit filled the room as everyone witness this happen. They really love us all so much I promise you of that. 

I love you all like crazy. I wish I could tell you everything I'm learning but I can't so I hope this is enough. 

Shout out to the coolest oldest brother ever. I love you a lot Mark. I'm super proud of you! Go make me proud, remember who you are, and never give up!

I got a haircut and decided to let my hair go all natural..yeah I know it's cute.
PS ignore my spelling I don't even remember what English is anymore...
editors note: I fixed the spelling in this one - Dad

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