Monday, October 5, 2015

Another week in the land of the Rising Sun

Who's excited for General Conference!? Wait just kidding you all already watched it. I get to watch it this weekend! Yay I'm so excited!!

Funny Highlights: the other morning we were running and this guy stopped me and in English, "are you Mormon?" So I said yes gave him a little sphill then he said "are you from Utah" so I said no "I'm from New Mexico in America". So he said "oh okay, goodbye Utah" and then left. It was so funny. I love people English here. It's so fun. Everyone love to practice their English with me! It's the best. Some members even write down their testimonies in English for me! So great!
This day we were coming to the church to email and the RS was having a party and when they saw us they got all excited and took us into this room and gave us food and then let us leave. The members are so great! Then we went to visit this little old lady and on the way there we thought it was going to rain so we brought our rain jackets but it was super hot. When we were leaving her house she looked at me and then down at the jacket I wasn't wearing and took my bag away from me until I put my jacket on. It was so hot I thought I was going to die but this little grandma was taking care of me so don't worry mom :) 

I had my first interview with my mission president this week! I love that man so much. He is amazing! I'm so blessed to be here. So blessed. He asks us to come with questions to make the time more effective. I didn't ask all of my questions but he answered them all in that interview. It was super cool. Yesterday we had a mission wide goal to get 120 new people to church. Sister Kempner and I all still doing a lot of finding but this morning we got the news, exactly 120 people came to church yesterday!! Miracles are real! My companion is a Sister Training Leader which means we go on a lot of splits. So I get to spend one day a week with someone that doesn't know any English yay! It's so hard! But my Japanese is improving so much everyday I learn something new. I'm so thankful for Heavenly Father helping me learn this hard language! The other day I was on splits and I went and taught this lady that new English! But the Sister I was with doesn't know any English. But it was super cool because she told me to bear my testimony in English. We were teaching the lesson and this girl was super upset because her dog had just passed away. It was so special to be able to share with her the things I had learned last week. When I bore my testimony I did it half in Japanese and half in English. The spirit was so strong in that room and it helped me see that it doesn't matter what language you're speaking where you are or what you're doing the gospel is still the same and of the spirit is there everyone will understand. The church is true!

Last note, in my interview I asked tips on how to learn Japanese and he said if a dog can learn Japanese so can you!

I love you all!

(I love you)

(Zoringa Shimai)

Picture of food!  Because food in Japan is great!
Crazy sisters on bikes!
Climbed to a Temple


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  1. I LOVE reading her posts. What a wonderful experience!