Monday, December 21, 2015

"Twas the P-Day before Christmas

This is what happens when you get sick in Japan.
Twas the P-Day before Christmas when all through Hokkaido not a missionary was... Well this would have been really cool but I'm not an author so.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This weeks Ponderize scripture: Luke 2:16
"And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger".  I thought this was very fitting for Christmas, but I like it because the shepherds came with haste to see the new born babe. This Christmas season am I going with haste to see Christ? Am I going with haste to serve someone? To share the special message of Christ? I want to go with haste to find Christ!


Funny Highlights: We were talking about how good the food was in Hokkaido with one of our investigators the other day and I got all excited because I remembered the name for Apple in Japanese so I looked her straight in the face and said "gringo daisuki" (I love apples) only turns out Apple is actually ringo.   Earlier this week I was thinking how funny it was that the name for Apple is the same name for a white man in Mexico and if anyone in Japan knew how funny that was. Guess I'm the funny one calling apples a gringo.. Whoops. 

Text from the party member...
The other day a member texted us and said come over for lunch so we said okay and she texted back, "let's party!!" We get there and she had little wine glasses out, we drank sparkling juice and clinked out glasses together. It was a real hoot. She was super funny though because she ran around her house like a crazy lady and showed us almost every picture she has. Love her!

This week has been so good! Sister Rigall and I made over 100 cookies this week (courtesy of the  package from Mom and Dad) for our investigators and members! It's been super fun delivering them and singing Christmas songs! Yesterday at church all the members made little cards and cookies for each other and ran around delivering them to people. It was so special. Then what we didn't know was that they had boxes sitting in the chapel for the missionaries. One for us and one for the elders and I guess for the past few weeks members have been putting presents in them for us. The members here are so loving! It like one big family. No one feels left out no one goes unnoticed and everyone is loved. It's so amazing!

Presents from the members!  So nice!!
I love Christmas and the special spirit it brings.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

(I love you)

(Zoringa Shimai) 

The potato truck!!

The roads this morning... All ICE!

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