Monday, May 16, 2016

Transfer 7 here we go!!

Gonna miss this Peruvian Nihogin mix of awesome sister missionary! 
Good morning America! It's officially the same day here and there! Hahaha

We had transfers again! My goodness it's so quick but guess who gets to stay in Hakoheaven? Sister Zollinger for the win. But Muratta Shimai transferred! I was so sad, she was so sad, everyone was sad, and then it poured rain for two days.. But this transfer I get to work with Sister Leung-Wo otherwise known as U-Shimai. She's seriously my favorite person! We've wanted to go on splits for months! And now I get to go with her everyday!! I'm so lucky! It's been so fun! Seriously haven't laughed so hard in forever. But I forgot English. It's been a struggle from only speaking Japanese for the past 3months.

Here's the script:  Words of Mormon 1:7
"And I do this for a wise purpose; for thus it whispereth me, according to the workings of the Spirit of the Lord which is in me. And now, I do not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come; wherefore, he worketh in me to do according to his will."
   I never know what God has planned. I never know what's coming next, and sometimes what to do. But through the spirit I can do all things. Through me Heavenly Father performs his miracles and I get to see it everyday!

This week has been super fun and crazy.

Monday: went to Hakodate Yama with Miho Chan. She's so cute! We put Muratta Shimais name tag on her and she got so excited. We taught her about prayer and was super excited to try it!   
Miho Chan

Tuesday: this member fed us meat for lunch and after Muratta Shimai and I sang I Need Thee Every Hour and he cried. The spirit was super strong. It was so special!

Thursday: took a bus to Sapporo at 7:30. Got to Sapporo at 1:05 and then got back on the bus for Hakodate at 1:10. Thanks everyone for your prayers!  12 hours on a bus. Thanks for all the trips to Utah. #practice

Then today we met Kanon Chan and went to this arena and did body combat. Feeling it in my arms already. But after we went to this foot onsen! It's this hot springs that you go and put your legs in. It's legit! While we were talking her Kanon we started talking about why she decided to be baptized and when she first felt the spirit. She told us this amazing story. Long story short. She started to pray and read the Book of Mormon. And then the coming Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. The missionaries asked her to fast and so she did. In sacrament meeting the testimonies were all super good and one member read a scripture that happened to be where she was reading then and then one of the primary girls bore her testimony and said I know that Jesus Christ has a body and that he's real. When Kanon heard that she wanted to feel the same way and felt the spirit so strong. When Kanon told us the spirit was so strong. I can't even explain it. But her eyes got all watery. You can tell she knows the church is true and that she's excited to get baptized in October. She's has the most solid testimony I've ever seen. Proof that miracles are real and that God loves us.

I love you all!

Have a good week!

Sister Zollinger

From Hakodate Yama

Foot Onsen

Our body combat class!!

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