Monday, June 6, 2016

Oh they say when you're a missionary in June...

We play soccer every Friday for exercise.
Good Morning!! How is you? Who's surprised it's June? I am! Really surprised! Time is a really funny thing as a missionary because it doesn't exist. You plan every second of everyday but you blink and you're planning for the next day. This week has been amazing! I've seen so many miracles and felt this spirit so strong, and laughed liked a crazy person. Therefore my ponderizing scripture this week is all about praise.

It's Psalms 117
"O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.  For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord".  And that's the whole chapter. 

Confession time. I love psalms. It's like a song inside my hear every time I read it. Anyways, I really like this because it says Heavenly Father has mercy and kindness. That his truth goes on forever. No matter what time of your life you're in right now he has kindness and love for us so praise him forever! It's just so pretty!

So every time I hear June I think of seven brides for seven brothers and the song "oh they say when you marry in June, you're a bride all your life" so I made a remix because I ain't about that marriage stuff right now. "Oh they say when you dendo (missionary work) in June, you're a missionary all your life".  Sorry mom not coming home!

Some miracles from this week:

-Narita Shimai asked her mom (she's a really old sick lady that can't leave the house) if they would be able to go to church and I prayed that she would say yes and as soon as I did she said yes

-We went to visit Riki San and we haven't been able to see her and I said if I don't find faith she won't then when I found the faith she opened the door

Riki San

-Sawamura San said she wants to follow Christ and decided to quit smoking

-Kanon Chan wasn't at church and I prayed she would come and when I finished my prayer she walked in

There were sooo many others. Miracles are real and they happen every day! I love the gospel. Recently I've been talking to U Shimai about when I noticed the atonement in my life and things like that. Everyone should think about that. It's super special. The atonement is really and individual. Christ loves us all so much and he knows how we feel every second of the day. We are never alone.

I love you all a lot!

See miracles!

(I love you)

Sister Zollinger

We wore kinda matching shirts to zone activity.

Keiko San!!  She's my Japanese mom!!  It was pouring rain before ECC the other day so U Shimai and I showed up soaked literally and Keiko San stood in front of the heater and dryed my sweater for me.  She's an angel.  Love them all so much!!  I'm going to get dressed up in a Kimono today!  Super excited!!


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