Monday, July 11, 2016

I love to see the Temple

Parfaits in Japan are the best!

How was everyone's Fourth Festivities? Did you BBQ like crazies and eat lots of potato salad? Cool I didn't either! But I got to work in the temple again which is way cooler. Seriously it's the best thing ever. Everyone go, right now. Okay thanks.   

Sapporo Japan LDS Temple
I love to see the temple

This weeks ponderizing scripture is Luke 1:37  "For with God nothing shall be impossible".

It's super self explanatory. But honestly with the help of Heavenly Father we can do anything. We can pass our math test, get a job, learn Japanese, find a girlfriend/boyfriend, receive charity, have faith...

Literally anything! Don't ever forget that Heavenly Father is willing and ready to help if you will but ask in faith.

This weeks highlights from the temple

-Gave a tour to a family that just moved to Tokyo from Washington and the parents walked around explaining everything to their young kids

-Randomly meeting a guy from Hakodate who after going through said with a gleam in his eye and with love he's probably never felt before that his heart is relaxed

-Gave a tour to these 3 old ladies, one basically ran inside the temple and asked me questions about everything then after held my hand for 5 minutes just thanking me for showing her such a beautiful place. She said her life doesn't have much longer so she was lucky to go inside

-The guy that told Barton Shimai he forgot what time was in the temple

-Seeing everyone's faces glow when they come from being inside

There are so many more things but I can't list them all. I still can't believe I get to do this. How did I get so lucky to be the one to show people everyday the place on earth where they can be the closest to our loving Heavenly Father. It's so special. I love you all! If you have a moment send me your favorite temple experience! I'd love to read them!


(I love you)

Sister Zollinger


PS. Mom thanks for the handshake from the random guy. Showed up to church and he said, "Your mom says hi, I don't know you or her but she says hi".   It was super fun. Also mom, one of the temple themes is Lilac. It's your favorite!

It's called a doughnut burger.  Best idea of my life.

Tsuchiya Shimai took us and Shiho Chan shopping and to dinner! She's the coolest ever!

Ozawa Sans Son. I found her in splits in Kotoni with Murata Shimai last year and now she's a solid investigator :)

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