Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mouth, gentlemen, bean, put together...

Ate at McDonald's, because yes.
John 16:22
"And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you".

Good morning. Isn't that an awesome ponderizing scripture!? Conference was soooo amazing! So many talks of Love, Christ, Joy, Repentance.. So many different things. If that doesn't show how much our Heavenly Father loves us, nothing will.  My favorite was about joy. For the past little bit everything I read joy in the scriptures I circle it. So this morning I looked up the kanji thinking it was going to be super cool but turns out it's just
mouth, gentlemen, and bean put together.... I got nothing. But! Rejoice means singing joy!

Combing for days - literally!!
So there's a cool one for you. :) This was super special when I read it this morning.  We are going to have sorrow.
We are going to have hard times.
We will see our Savior again.
When we do our heart will rejoice.
This joy, nothing, can take away from us.

This week has been crazy! We have hardly left the apartment at all. We washed all the futons last week but turns out we did them wrong so we had to start all over again and then it rained delaying out cleaning. But we have the last two of the 13 futon hanging outside right now :).  Then in Wednesday we thought it was Ozawa San's birthday so we made cookies and got all ready, sent her a text at work saying happy birthday and then she texted us and said her birthday isn't until the 15...we ate the cookies. Then on Thursday we had interviews in the new honbu!  But we read the time wrong and showed up two hours early... So Nakatsuka Shimai stood above us and picked through our hair like a monkey and asked if it was getting better yelling every time she saw something. But then she drove us to the store so we could buy new pillows. She's an angel!

However, I. Have. Never. Seen. So. Many. Miracles.
Everyone, is progressing! Two of our investigators came to general conference! And they loved it!! Kisaka San came and after asked about the Book of Mormon and about prophets. Tsuchiya Shimai left work early to be there for her! The lesson was so powerful! Then Honami Chan came with the little amount of time before work to see it and after said "wow, I want happiness like that!" It was so amazing and special.

Hackett Shimai and I have grown so close too. Seriously can talk to her about anything. And we talk, about everything.  I know we needed to be companions right now because we couldn't have done this with anyone else. We are praying everyday to get rid of this quickly so we can go out and dendo.

Heavenly Father is there. And not only does he bless us after the trial but during as well. My testimony of that is being strengthened right now.

I love you all a lot!

Sister Zollinger

Odori Zone is the best! This was taken before the lice, back when we wore our hair down still :)

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