Thursday, July 30, 2015

Just another day in the life of a Missionary


Guess what!? I cut my hair, I have bangs now! It's so legit I love it. Being a missionary is so cool because it doesn't matter what I do to my hair because no one I know will see me and judge me... ;) Every Saturday and P-Day my district plays sand volleyball. It's so fun. I know this is hard to believe but my volleyball skills are improving so much. I actually hit the ball sometimes! #missionaryskills

Long lost cousin
Funny Highlights: On July 24 one of my companions woke up and yelled "Happy 24th of July everyone!" We all looked at here super weird like what's going on. Apparently pioneer day is super big in Utah and since everyone else is not from Utah we has no idea. She got super sad and then we all laughed. 
The other day I was waiting for my companions outside the bathroom and this elder walked past. I saw Zollinger on his name tag and though what how did he get my name tag, then I saw elder... Long lost cousin say what? We whipped out our family trees and compared. Four generations back this man had two sons who's kin produced us. Pretty cool stuff. One of our sensei's birthday was a few days ago so we decorated the classroom and walked in singing happy birthday in Japanese. It was so fun!

Being a missionary is so great! You really learn who you are as a person and who you can become. Who Heavenly Father knows you can become. I feel Heavenly Father's love for me so much since being here. Every time I'm having a hard time he sends someone or something my way to pick me back up and tell me it will be okay. On Sunday I taught the lesson in Relief Society on the Atonement. One of the sisters said even if you were the only person on earth Jesus Christ would still perform the Atonement for you. I feel that now more than ever. We cannot comprehend the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us. Being a missionary makes it so much easier to love people. Like the people of Japan. I've never met them but I already have so much love for them. I love feeling a small portion of the love Our Heavenly Father and Brother have for us by loving the people of Japan.

The other day we walked to the temple and every time we go there is this little obasan sitting on a bench. She loves talking to all the Japanese missionaries. I was reminded how much Japanese I don't know.   Cool story. Yesterday we were teaching a lesson and we weren't as prepared as we usually are. Then one of my companions looked over at me and said "Sister Zollinger, why do we have trials?" I just froze, I knew no way to answer this is Japanese. Then I noticed our investigator had a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet sitting on here deck. I grabbed it and started flipping through the pages praying I would find something in the mess of Japanese Characters that pertained to the question. Finally I just handed back the book and asked her to read the page I had opened. I know Heavenly Father is hastening his work because the page I opened to was the exact page I needed. When she was done reading I looked at her and words started flowing from me. It wasn't much. Maybe two sentences but it was enough. The spirit in the room was so strong, and for the first time since being here I cried. I know I'm supposed to be here at this exact time learning Japanese. I know that with all my heart. It is testified to me everyday. It doesn't matter how much Japanese I know because if I try as hard as I can heaven will reach down and fill in the rest. This church is so true. I love it more than anything. I cannot wait to go teach the people of Japan. 4 weeks and I'm Nihon free!
Hounto Ni Ai Shite Imasu

Zollinger Shimai

Fondue party

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