Monday, January 25, 2016

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Japan Sapporo Temple -open house and dedication this summer!!
How's everyone doing!?
Here's a some ponderizing for you!  Jacob 4:12
"And now, beloved, marvel not that I tell you these things; for why not speak of the atonement of Christ, and attain to a perfect knowledge of him, as to attain to the knowledge of a resurrection and the world to come?"

Talk about it. Talk about the atonement all the time! Learn about it! Love it! Being a missionary I have so many opportunities to talk about the atonement and I love it, every second of it. It's my favorite thing to talk about. The atonement is real and it works!

Funny highlights: we were walking home and we came across this lady so we decided to stop her and talk to her. I asked her if she has a religion or anything she believes in and she said "I'm Christian" (super rare!) so we talked for a minute and the. Decided to give her a chirashii (a pass along card thingy) and when she said I don't need it Adams Shimai said "it's okay, this is Jesus". It was the funniest thing ever! When she realized what she said she laughed super hard.

The member we visited.  She is so cute!
Then we went to visit a less active member. She's so old she can't come to church and that's why she's less active. Her granddaughter is on a mission in Hawaii so we though we would pay her a visit. She is 90+ years old and can literally hear nothing. We sang her a song and at the end I said a prayer for her. I had to yell so she could hear me. Because we were standing outside her apartment door in a stairwell the entire apartment building could hear that prayer echoing off the walls it was great!

This week has been really good! This is Adams Shimai's first transfer in Ebetsu so she don't know the area very well and I've only been her for one so I barely know what I'm doing. But I can now say I know how to read a Japanese map! Couldn't even read a map in English so you know Heavenly Father is helping us do his work. This week one of our investigators dropped us. She is one of the most prepared people I've ever met but her mom doesn't want anything to do with the church so it's really hard for her to take the lessons. We went over to her house and it was the first time I've been bible bashed by a Buddhist. In the end all I could do was bear my testimony. I couldn't get a word out the whole visit because they kept talking over us but in the end when I bore my testimony they listened. I bore my testimony on families. How because God loves us he gave us families. Through families we can feel love, eternal love. I know that someday she will have the opportunity to accept the gospel. Even if it's not in this life. When she passes away Papa Brent will go pick up the work the missionaries before me started. The Plan of Salvation is flawless! The church is true, families are the best, and miracles happen everyday!

Mountain of snow we climbed!!

I love you all!

Sister Zollinger

Last funny fact, I've spelled Zollinger wrong every time I've typed it today.. If there are any other errors my sincerest apologies right from my Japanese brain.

 Funnies from the New Era

We are the Frozen Chosen.  This literally describes everyday in Ebetsu.

Everyday when we come come!

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