Monday, August 8, 2016

The Frozen Noodle

(Hello!  How are you?)

This week has been so crazy! So much has happened but before announcements and things have a scripture.

Alma 34:41
"But that ye have patience, and bear with those afflictions, with a firm hope that ye shall one day rest from all your afflictions".  This transfer my theme is Hope. It's been fun to study it. Everyone so read up on hope, it's a good one! But I really like this scripture because hoping for something is desiring for something to come true.  No one likes afflictions but if you have patience and hope for better things they will come to you. God will never leave us stranded in the mists of our afflictions.



- We had transfers! My dearest companions Barton Shimai and Kuta Shimai became companions and are opening Hakodate!

Hackett Shimai's first ramen! I was so proud of her because she was doing so good with the chopsticks so I looked over to compliment her then I realized she had them upside down and was eating with the bottoms. Laughed so hard. It was cute.

- My new companion is fresh from the MTC Hackett Shimai. Teryn Brown met her at college and told me she was coming here and I sent videos to Teryn who showed them to Hackett Shimai so she saw me bear my testimony in Japanese before I became her companion. We also had the same orthodontist and her family is super close to Stake President Porter. Small world.  All the other sister in her district read my blog before they went into the MTC so when they saw me they all said "it's the frozen noodle! Sister Zollinger I've read your blog!" It's was super weird.  


Zollinger Shimai and Hackett Shimai with President.  For comparison - Kempner Shimai and Zollinger Shimai.  If you notice Zollinger Shimai is wearing Kempner Shimai's outfit!!  Our little missionary is all grown up and is now the trainer.   

(An excerpt from the letter to mom:  We've been talking about the Porters (our Stake President) non stop and Teryn Brown (best friend from school)! Seriously crazy. And so fun.  Stories just mean so much more because we know the people and the places. Everyone was like tell me how you know but don't know each other. It's been really special!)

-Keiko San has a baptismal date!! On September 24, 2016 she will become the newest member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Thank you for your prayers! I'm so happy for her and glad she has Kuta Shimai, Barton Shimai, Wyatt Shimai, and Peterson Shimai looking after her!

Other than that Ozawa San took us to curry and to over look the ocean from the top of a
mountain. I've lived in Sapporo for so long and had no idea I was so close to the ocean. Then Hackett Shimai and I were walking to get on the bus home and I heard drums. So we turned around and asked theses ladies if it was a Matsuri and they said yeah come with us. Then we got placed in this circle each of us behind an old lady who taught us how to do the dance. This these workers ran over and put these legit Japanese jackets on us and took our pictures. It was way fun! One of the workers asked about our name tags and them said he wants to come to church!  Hackett Shimai and I were both able to hand out a Book of Mormon while finding for the first time!  


Seriously a miracle filled week! Hackett Shimai reminds me almost everyday of how much time I don't have left. But it's been making me work even harder and because of that the work just seems sweeter and more fun. I'm so thankful for this opportunity everyday I get to talk about Christ. And see people's lives change. It's the best!

Have a good week!

Jesus loves you!

So does this not so frozen, frozen noodle.
Sister Zollinger

Ozawa San! Hirotaka Kun is so cute!

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