Monday, August 29, 2016

Where's my bean?

On the bus home from Otaru!
Hey everyone! How's life? This week has been insane! Seriously so much happened I can't even say it all if I wanted to.

Funny highlights:
One of the sisters I live with talks in her sleep almost every night.  She also happens to sleep right next to me and sometimes ends up on my futon. Anyways last night I was sleeping on my back with my legs folded criss-cross and all of a sudden I hear her yell "あれ⁉︎ *grab my leg* quick get on your horse, quick we got to go!" Scared me so bad but so tired I just rolled over and went back to sleep. We had a good laugh about it this morning.

My new nickname is Hancho. It means squad leader :) Then on Saturday we were riding our bikes and in less than a minute Hackett Shimai and I ended up getting separated for 40 minutes. Scariest thing of my life! We both didn't know what to do so we "hugged a tree" and our trees happened to be not even 20 yards apart. So here I was calling the Zone Leaders, Kaicho, members.. Pacing back and forth crying my eyes out because I'm the worst trainer in the world lost my 3 week old companions. Still wearing my helmet. Looking pretty great. Meanwhile Hackett Shimai is sitting perfectly fine on a bench reading the Book of Mormon in Japanese. It was quite a day.  Ending up finding her because this angel of a lady came up to me and said there was a foreigner sitting on a bench down the street.  Miracles happen everyone.

Here's my scripture!
1 John 3:18
"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth".  Isn't this cute? "My little children" just picture Heavenly Father's calm gentle voice call, "my little children" brings peace to the soul.  :) I've been thinking a lot about love this past week. It really does not come through your words but through your works. You can say you love God all you want, but do you do anything to prove that? You can say you love your mom but do you show it? (PS really love you mom. ;)) I read an article this morning, go read it! Please it's about the Sapporo temple!  Here's the website even!

Sapporo Japan Temple

When I was working in the temple I got to meet people that were at these meetings, here for these prophecies. People that worked with these people and even met some of them. God loves his children here. Just like he loves everyone else in the world. I know that you can feel that same one for anyone. No matter who or where they are. And through your works they can feel it too.
Another miracle for the week. We got to go visit some people that went to the temple and filled our comment cards. A lot of them were members but one lady wasn't. She was sooo excited when we showed up at her house and instantly invited us in. She was like wow how did you find me? I can't believe your here! And then she called her member friend and said you're never going to guess who's here! We had such a good talk about life and things. When I asked her if she knew without a doubt she could see her family again how would she fell. The room went silent and then instantly the spirit came and she started to cry. Then said so humbly "that's only my dream". We exchanged phone numbers and made plans to meet again. And she's called us like 3 times since then to see how we're doing. :) Heavenly Father prepares his children and doesn't ever withhold his love from them.

Go find His love and share it!

I love you all!
Sister Zollinger

Went on splits and ate the best indo curry of my life. Also Oka Shimai is a beast. Rode the bike and testified like a crazy person!

Angerhofer Shimai's birthday! I made crepes :) then we got sushi!

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