Sunday, December 18, 2016

Six more weeks of Winter... IN KOTONI!!!

Christmas lights

Also, poor Oka Shimai has to put up with me for a little bit longer.  At least she gets to kill me in the end. ;)  (this means to send her home)

This week was CRAZY. I haven't been that nervous for a transfer call since my very first one. But it was all okay in the end because nothing's changing. Yesterday at church the members were so excited to see me. So many of them ran up and said, "Zollinger Shimai, you didn't transfer! I'm so happy to see you!" And things like that. It was so nice. I cried all day long. I feel like a normal member now. I guess that's what happens when you've been somewhere for almost 6 months.

Love them, love them all so much!
Yesterday one of the Elders who just ended his mission came to church. I got to translate for his mom in Relief Society it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I said everything right but my English was just really weird. She's not used to Japanese speaking missionary English so we just giggled through the whole thing while I struggled to sound normal. After she gave me a big hug and said, "don't worry my little friend it will all come back to you when you go home". She's an angel!


On Monday we went to see the Christmas lights downtown with Tsuchiya Shimai and Kisaka San. It was so special! After we talked about the true meaning of Christmas and Tsuchiya  Shimai bore her testimony. Then yesterday she just showed up at church! It was the best! She's my favorite.
It was beautiful!!

We've been doing so much finding recently and haven't had any success.  Yesterday we were out and we played in the snow for a little bit but then just got really tired and cold. So we said okay let's ping for 30 more minutes and then go home. Let me tell you how it went. First house, a lady who went to Weber State in Ogden, Ut for two years, is fluent in English. Her host family is members and she's meeting them in Tokyo next year. Next four houses nothing. Pinged lady who's been to Canada, fluent in English told us to come back on Wednesday. Walked downstairs, pinged watch the Christmas video she cried. Going back on Wednesday. Decided not to go home. Next house, wants to talk about why there are so many different religions and where we go after this life.

Seriously the coolest night of my life. We ran home and ended up talking to an NA we've been trying to meet with for months. Every Time I'm about to give up Heavenly Father reaches down and picks me up.  Then shows me the world.
I'm so thankful for my Heavenly Father and all he does for me. He's my best friend.

Lastly here's a little funny for your week. On Saturday at mission leader conference Nakatsuka Kaicho was asking all the dying missionaries (the ones going home at the end of this transfer) to bear their testimony then after he said everyone's name but mine he started to walk away them everyone was like, "Kaicho, Zollinger shimai" he stopped in his tracks, turned around looked at me and then his jaw hit the floor. He forgot I'm going home this transfer. Don't worry I got to bear my testimony in the end :)


D&C112:11-> All you need is love

Sister Zollinger

We can't use the side door of our apartment anymore.

We ran to the church... in the snow.

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