Tuesday, December 27, 2016

4 days of Gochi

Emailing through pictures

D&C 8:10
" Remember that without faith you can do nothing; therefore ask in faith. Trifle not with these things; do not ask for that which you ought not".


This is Kobayashi San. We found her on Tuesday while walking around. Walked to the church together did a church tour and gave her a Book of Mormon! She's golden! So golden. After she left Oka Shimai and I both died on the floor. It was one of the coolest lessons of my life! 

This is arena San. She looooooves gaijin. And she's so good at English! She lived in Germany for 4 years! 

Found this on Christmas Eve. We sat in it and said Merry Christmas while people walked by and accidentally scared this old man. It was super fun! So many people asked if we made it. I love Sapporo!!! And my Killer Compy! 

It's been snowing like crazy lately! But the Windows look really cool! We've had four blizzards in the past 3 weeks :) was outside in every one of them!

This is Kazu San. We found her last week! We had an appointment at her house this week and we ended up talking to her about baptism! It was soooo cool! We invited her to church. She looked so happy when she saw us and ran up and gave us big hugs! She said she's coming next week too. She's sooooo nice! Seriously love her! Yay Christmas! 

We sang Christmas carols at Tsuchiya shimais work. My friends are both 100 years old. So cute! We had the same conversation 15 times :) but seriously so nice! 

We had a pancake party after DTM!

This week is New Years so we aren't allowed to dendo which means four days of solid member visits where you sit and eat. For hours, I mean days.

Yesterday for Christmas we went to Odori with the elders and say carols while members handed out Mormon.org cards! It was so cool! The spirit was so strong. So many people sang along and took pictures and videos and clapped. One guy that was working close by when no one was around he came and watched! One lady cried and accepted a Book of Mormon. I froze my noodle off but it was one of the coolest experiences so far!

I love Christmas so much!

I also love you!

Sister Zollinger

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